Marcellino Warranty

Thank you for purchasing Marcellino Custom Performance wheels. Below are the terms and conditions in which Marcellino
conducts its warranty policy.

When changing from the original equipment set up, there are advantages and disadvantages to every upgrade package.
The benefits of a larger/wide/lower profile set up are:

**Enhanced Appearance of a custom finish and filling up wheel well space
**Quicker steering response with a lower profile tire
**Larger contact patch of a wider tire
**More stability with a wider tire

Unfortunately, you may experience a firmer ride due to a lower profile tire. Wider tires in some cases may result in
slight vibration dynamics at certain speeds. Lower profile tires are typically designed using a softer compound to achieve
additional adhesion which usually shortens tread life.

All Marcellino Wheels have a lifetime warranty for structural integrity and the finishes are covered for 12 months against
peeling or other cosmetic defects due to the workmanship and materials. Road hazards are not covered. Examples of Road
Hazards are curb impacts, driveway approaches, speed bumps, railroad tracks, potholes, etc..

When you purchase a Marcellino wheel and tire package, the tires are covered by the tire manufacturer, not by Marcellino.

Warranty will be null and void if:

1. Wheels damaged/cracked, out of round and/or bent by road hazard/accidents including pot holes, curbs physical and/or
chemical damage including sand, snow, salt, deicers, brake dust and other corrosive substances.

2. Wheels that are improperly installed. Wrong lug nuts/studs used, corrosive wheel lubricants, balancing weights
valve stems and incorrect torque.

3. Wheels that have been altered in any way by changing offset, center bore or any modification.

4. Wheels used in racing or off-road conditions.

5. Wheels that have been refinished or repaired by a third party.

All warranty considerations must be accompanied with a return authorization number issued by Marcellino Wheels. The issuance
of a return authorization number does not constitute acceptance of a warranty claim. All merchandise received will
be inspected and evaluated for warranty consideration.
Once inspection is complete, Marcellino Wheels will, at their discretion, repair, refinish or replace wheel(s).
Marcellino Custom Performance will issue no credits or refunds for products covered under this warranty.
ALL warranty claims must go through Marcellino Wheels or an authorized Marcellino dealer. The original retail invoice must
be sent with the wheel for inspection. Marcellino Wheels will determine upon inspection if the wheel will be covered
under said warranty. Marcellino Wheels is not responsible for any shipping, transportation, duties or fees associated
with shipping for warranty inspection. Marcellino will assume no responsibility for diagnosis, removal, replacement,
loss of vehicle use, loss of time, or any other consequential expense. Warranty applies only to the original purchaser.
Warranty claims that cannot be solved amicably must be resolved in the state of California where sale originated.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser and the installer to check for fitment and clearances of fender, suspension and
brake components. Marcellino Wheels is not responsible for nor reliable for any damage or injury from the installation of
any of its products.

All Marcellino wheels are quality inspected, photographed and checked on our Hunter GPS9700 Road Force diagnostic balancer for
being true and round with documentation prior to shipping. Any out of round claims must me made prior to installation onto vehicle.

Marcellino recommends that wheel lugs should be re-torqued after 150 miles and 300 miles of driving.

Marcellino wheels should be cleaned with a mild soap and water only.

All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee no exceptions.

Marcellino Wheels reserves the right to change it’s policy and or its conditions at any time, without notice.

Any inquiries should be emailed to
Send an email to our warranty department.

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